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What services do we offer

Spanish Conveyancing Solutions Spain offer a complete end to end buying,and selling advice service for Spanish properties, along with covering all other areas of legal work in Spain. The legal services are provided by a joint venture between IMS SL and Agüera & Arrebola Lawyers.

We are based in Marbella but provide a one stop purchase and selling service covering all areas of legal support required when undertaking a property transaction, We offer expert and independent advice provided by an experienced and professional team working with Spanish Lawyers who are qualified in all areas of legal work.

When undertaking conveyance we focus entirely on your protection and security in whatever activities you are contracting us for ensuring detailed and full legal checks are undertaken on your behalf at every stage in the Spanish buying or selling process.

Did you know

Unlike other countries it is possible for a Lawyer in Spain to work for both sides on a property transaction. At IMS we never work for anyone else but you, so you can be sure the advice given is always in your best interest and your best interest alone.

How does our service differ from other Spanish Lawyers

All initial legal advice is provided completely free. Before any pay for work commences, unlike many other Spanish Lawyers, we provide a detailed and fixed price quote for all legal work to be undertaken.

For property purchases in Spain we work on a fixed fee basis not a percentage of transaction price and include in all our quotes disbursement costs as well as legal advice costs. For large purchases and high priced properties this means we can be particularly competitive.

Our service removes for client’s lack of transparency on costs of Spanish legal services and ensures no nasty cost surprises at the end of the transaction.

We provide detailed levels of communication in your language throughout the legal service you are contracting with us so you have a clear view of how matters progress and a full understanding of the buying process.

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