Spain releases 2012 property sale data

The statistical institute in Spain today released the full year figures for house sales and property transfers in 2012.

Total annual Spanish property transfers dropped from 2.228 million in 2008 to 1.598 million in 2012; of these residential dwellings totaled 552.1 in 2008, in comparison to 319.1 in 2012; total property transfers including sales, donations, swaps and inheritance for 2012 was 698.226 a decrease of 3% from 2011.


TINSA issues Spanish house price index for January 2013

TINSA released its official house price index for Spain today.

January 2013 showed the biggest single January year on year drop in average price per meter square since the crisis began. Whilst there are variations across Spain in the coastal areas prices per square meter dropped by 14.9% in January 2013 against Jan 2012 prices. This excludes the islands who have held up much better than mainland Spains coastal areas.