Property sales and House price data for Spain

This week saw data coming out of Spain for both property sales for October and the house price index for November 2013. What is happening to property prices in Spain In November the annual decrease of house prices slowed in terms of the same month in the previous year. In general across all areas house […]


Family Law and Divorce in Spain

Divorce in Spain Divorces,and separations within a family unit, besides being a legal process, can have an emotional, personal and psychological impact on all parties involved. It is difficult enough to cope with the traumas that a break up brings if you are going through the process in the Country of your birth and in […]


The pitfalls of not having a Will in Spain

Spanish law in relation to inheritance and the Spanish taxation system for IHT differs considerably to the UK and other countries. What are the key differences By far the two main key differences between say, Spanish law on inheritance and UK law, is that first of all there is no Spousal exemption on death taxes and […]