IMS Lawyer services go to Beijing

IMS Lawyers the joint venture legal services of IMS SL and Agüera and Arrebola Lawyers based in the Costa del Sol visited Beijing in China to promote their new legal and property sourcing services to the Chinese. LPS The Luxury Property Show Beijing IMS lawyers took a booth at the Luxury property show run by LPS. […]


Real Estate prices in Spain April 2014

Where can you find data on Real Estate Prices in Spain On top of data released from time to time by the Bank of Spain and other private entities each month, published by TINSA, one of the largest valuation companies in Spain are the average prices of property in Spain per square meter, along with […]


Legal advice when buying in Spain

Legal advice when buying in Spain is crucial. Whilst the buying process is relatively safe like all countries it has its idiosyncrasies and will not reflect totally the purchase legal requirements of your own country. Do you need a Spanish Lawyer who is based in the area of the purchase Whether you appoint a Solicitor who […]