House price index in Spain

TINSA house price index Whilst various bodies issue house price indexes for Spain one of the longest running is TINSA. TINSA are a Bank of Spain regulated Valuation Company and one of the largest of such in Spain. The pricing index they issue is based on valuations undertaken within the month rather than sales but […]


Conveyance of Spanish Houses in August

Spanish Houses sales in August Despite much publicized good news coming out of Spain in recent weeks, Spanish house sales in August as registered at Land registry fell with less purchasers buying in Spain. In July 2014 the highest number of house sales in the last 12 months were sold leading to a belief the corner […]


House prices in Spain have they stabilized.

News on house prices in Spain is confusing depending on which report is looked at. Spanish house price information where is the data extracted from. One of the longest running reports dating back to and tracking house prices in Spain is from TINSA one of Spain’s largest valuation companies. TINSA have been tracking average prices per […]