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IMS Lawyers the joint venture legal services of IMS SL and Agüera and Arrebola Lawyers based in the Costa del Sol visited Beijing in China to promote their new legal and property sourcing services to the Chinese.

LPS The Luxury Property Show Beijing

IMS lawyers took a booth at the Luxury property show run by LPS. The Exhibition which in the last couple of years has run in both Beijing and Shanghai is well attended by exhibitors from many countries and by the well heeled Chinese looking to buy property abroad and or to gain a golden Visa.

The LPS show ran over three days from Friday the 16th of May until Sunday the 19th of May.

Friday was an open day and Saturday and Sunday invitees only.

What Spanish services was the Team of IMS promoting

IMS was promoting the benefits of buying and owning property in Spain and Andalucía along with the requirements of the new Visa laws.

During the three days there were a number of presentations from the various exhibitors outlining the benefits of the Chinese buying in their country.

IMS did a joint presentation on various subjects spanning purchase taxes in Spain, marital regimes and the legal process of buying in Spain along with what services a Lawyer in Spain should provide during the conveyance process.

How well do the Chinese know Spain

A little late to the party having only changed the residency laws last year Spain was not as well known to the attendees as places like St Kitts, Cyprus and Portugal.

The overall tax breaks and requirements for a Visa in Spain are not as lucrative as some other countries but with education on the lifestyle and the access to Europe Spain holds it can be expected that the Chinese will increase their focus on Spain.

Interested to learn more about Spain the booth of IMS was well attended by both direct clients and companies working on behalf of investors and high net wealth individuals.

All visitors were very interested to understand the service being offered by IMS which is an end to end service tailored to the individuals requirements.

What is the service for the Chinese being offered by IMS

IMS will source property to the client specifications using the vast developer, agent and banking networks in Spain and then assist the client in all aspects of the purchase and the Visa permit. The service is tailor-made to the client’s requirements. This new approach was well received by all the clients who liked the idea of a more individual service rather than being sold specific property. IMS can offer Estate agents qualified links into the Chinese market as IMS are not directly selling property themselves.

Immigration and the Visa Laws

Lucia Agüera the Lawyer from Spain met up with immigration staff from the Spanish Embassy and the Spanish Ambassador who attended the show to promote Spain took the time to visit Lucia on the IMS stand. The legal aspects of the new Visa were of great interest to many of the attendees and Lucia was kept busy with questions from many parties.

Spanish News and Press interest

Heather Chambers was requested by the second largest Chinese news channel to undertake and interview outlining Spain and its investment potential for Chinese along with the Spanish EFE channel who also did an interview and article on the show and the IMS service.

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