Buying in Spain using a Spanish lawyer

Undertaking the legal process

When buying in Spain it is advisable to use a Spanish Lawyer known as an Abogados or a qualified conveyance firm to undertake the legal process. Differences between the Spanish property buying system and other countries apply. Buying in Spain is in fact very safe as long as the process is followed fully. Problems only occur when buyers in Spain are badly or poorly advised, try to undertake the legalities themselves, or do not use an independent adviser.

What is the general fee structures for Lawyers in Spain

Currently most Spanish lawyers offering legal services for Real Estate purchases charge a percentage of purchase price immaterial of what level of service a client requires. On top of this percentage disbursements and extras are added but often without a clear view upfront of what the cost of these extras might be. Some lawyers in Spain include matters like signing of deeds within their percentage, and some do not, making it very difficult to gauge at outset if you are going to get value for money, and what the final costs will be.

How does IMS differ from other Spanish legal providers

Our Spanish Lawyers will offer clients free consultation and detailed outline of what legal stages are applicable to a property purchase in Spain or any other legal matters required. From this consultation clients can then decide what services they will personally need and elect to contract these without the need to pay for unnecessary services. Buyers in Spain are able to understand and assess before engagement the total cost of the legal transaction.

Our lawyer firm offices in Marbella, Southern Spain

When are your legal fees payable

Legal fees are generally payable at the end of the agreed works unless otherwise stipulated.Clients will receive regular updates on progress and will be contacted immediately if during the legal process matters arise that require the client is informed of a situation before any further activity can take place.