Quality legal services offered by IMS

At IMS we offer advice across all areas you need to consider if either buying or selling in Spain.

Why is getting the right service providers in Spain so important

Many businesses in Spain treat non resident buyers of property in Spain on the basis they offering a one off, not to be repeated service. Unlike businesses dealing with the local communities many businesses in Spain are dealing with clients who are International and who have a one off need. In these circumstances not all companies see the need to treat each client with the highest levels of service on the basis repeat business is unlikely. We have never adopted this short sighted motto.

We believe good service and high quality legal advice is the clients right whether we believe they will become ongoing long term clients or deal with us on a one off basis.

Spanish lawyer services

What other Spanish services are offered

When buying and selling property in Spain on top of the conveyance legal requirements, you may have many other services you need to contract. Our advice and guidance whether you are a buying in Spain, or selling a property in Spain, or have accessed us for other lawyer services, covers everything you will need ensuring the service we offer is as painless and seamless as possible.

We offer access to a wide range of legal activities in the Costa del Sol and other services like, Currency Exchange via a specialized provider.

Who provides the services offered by IMS in Spain

It is important to every member of our team that the service they give, in their relevant area of expertise, is ethical, efficient and accurate. Where legal matters fall outside of our expertise we contract in experts in that field, and have over the years built up a significant network of professionals.

What range of legal services does IMS offer

We are able to offer assistance from initial consideration of buying or selling in Spain right through to completion and beyond.

The Lawyer team based in the Costa del Sol close to Marbella will point you in the right direction on all legal matters and any third parties we introduce you to will have been carefully selected and constantly monitored for client satisfaction and speed of service.

Who does IMS work with

We only work with registered companies who have experience and longevity in Spain. Where possible and appropriate they will be the leaders in their field and the major brand, active in their industry.

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