New and used house purchases up in Spain for 2014

Today in Spain the INE released the December data for the purchase of properties in Spain. Across all property type’s new sales were up 9.2% on the same month of previous year but when considering residential property only new purchases were up 15.7%. Transfers related to the sales of homes. The number of house transfers related […]


Property sales for November

November property sales in Spain House purchase data in November was a mixture of positives and negatives. Overall property sales, which includes commercial units and properties other than dwellings actually dropped year on year for the month by 4.5%. For dwellings, so purchases classed as residential property when assessing Novembers figures against the previous year buyers […]


Property price news for buyers in Spain

October house prices in Spain. Whilst only one of many different reports released in Spain which publish the average house price data the TINSA report for October showed a stabilizing but continuing decline in the average price per meter squared achieved for residential property. The cumulative adjustment on prices from its height during 2007 shows […]


News for the sale of homes in Spain

House sales in September Urban house sales in Spain during September provide good news with a continuing upward trend when looking at the sale of homes. Conveyance data Conveyance on dwellings in September 2014 showed a 13.7% increase when compared to September 2013 and a 14.9% increase when compared to the previous month of August 2014. […]